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Donations over USD $500

For those wishing to donate large amounts but can not donate via credit card, or for those needing a tax receipt for their large donation.

Bulk cash donations and donations above USD $500 can be donated directly to any UNICEF National Committee or Country Office.

We will use the example of ProgressForm in Paris who in this example, wish to make a donation to the project, either a cash donation or a corporate donation.

  1. Les Mills representative contacts to advise that ProgressForm wish to make a donation

  2. alerts the National Committee where the donation originates, in this case France, and issues the bank account details for UNICEF France

  3. ProgressForm deposit the donation into UNICEF France’s bank account in euros, along with the required information to be able to generate a tax receipt

  4. UNICEF France confirms the donation to both ProgressForm and, and a French tax receipt is issued

  5. UNICEF France remits funds as per LMI, UNICEF contract

  6. submits a manual donation on to the page associated with ProgressForm

End result is the donation is visible on, and a tax receipt has been issued for ProgressForm in France.

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